Why You Should Soft Wash Your Roof

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A dirty and stained roof can ruin your home’s curb appeal. It will create a bad first impression on anyone that views your home. This can deter your efforts if you’ve put your house on the market. It will give potential buyers a reason to negotiate for a lower price. A dirty roof may harbor plants, mold, algae, and lichens. These can cause damage to your roof shingles and make your roof vulnerable to water damage. Debris and plants on your roof also catch water and cause runoff water to pool on your roof which can eventually cause damage to your roof. Cleaning your roof is a must to avoid this. Reflections of Perfection offers soft wash roof cleaning services that will get rid of stains, debris, plants, mold, algae, lichens, and other unwanted contaminants on your roof. We’ll refresh your roof and extend its lifespan.


What is Soft Washing?

Soft wash roof cleaning is a method of roof cleaning that involves the use of water at low pressure. The roof wash system also involves the use of special cleaning solutions. A soft wash roof cleaning solution may include a mixture of surfactants, bleach, algaecides and water. The cleaning solution is allowed to sit on the roof for a period in order to kill biological contaminants on the roof as well as to lift dirt and stains from the roof’s surface. Water at low pressure is then used to clean the solution and dirt away.

When Should You Use The Soft Washing Method?

Soft washing is often used on surfaces that aren’t easy to clean using pressure washing. They are also used on surfaces that can be damaged by the high-pressure jet of water in pressure washing.

Why Should You Soft Wash Your Roof?

Roof soft washing is an effective way to get rid of algae, mold and other biological agents that have infested your roof. The cleaning solutions used feature chemicals that target these biological agents and ensure they are killed.

Soft washing also helps you avoid damaging your roof shingles. It will prevent granular loss that can be caused by high-pressure jets of water. This ensures that your roof isn’t compromised and reduces the risk of water damage.

Soft washing your roof will help to increase its lifespan. You will avoid the damage caused by the accumulation of debris and the growth of algae, plants, mold and mildew on your roof. You will also avoid the damage caused by pressure washing your roof.

What Equipment is used for Soft Wash?

The equipment used for this roof wash system includes a hose, nozzles and a water pump. The pressure pump is set to a low setting in order to avoid damaging the roof. The nozzles used are not aimed at increasing pressure but creating concentrated water streams to aid in cleaning.

What Chemicals are Used to Soft Wash?

The soft wash roof cleaning solution is a mixture of various chemicals. The actual components of the mixture vary with the state of your roof. However, a basic cleaning solution will include:

  • Bleach – this is used to kill fungi, mold, mildew and plants
  • Surfactant – this is used to cleanse the roof. It lifts stains, grime and other dirt from the surface of the roof
  • Water – this is used to dilute the solution

Chemicals such as algaecides may be included in the solution depending on the state of your roof.

Before and After Pictures of Soft Washing

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Is your roof stained? Is it weighed down with debris? We can help. Get in touch with us, Reflection of Perfection. We offer roof soft washing services aimed at refreshing your roof as well as increasing its lifespan.

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