What is the Best Way to Remove Moss from a Roof?

Roof Cleaning - Reflection of PerfectionThere’s something nostalgic about a moss-covered roof. It’s reminiscent of the fairy tales and folk tales of old. However, that’s where moss-covered roofs ought to remain. Here in the real world, moss on your roof is more of a nightmare than it is a fantasy. If you allow moss to take over your roof, you will soon be dealing with roof damage that will be expensive to repair. We at Reflection of Perfection have helped many clients get rid of moss on their roofs. Below we discuss the best way to remove moss from a roof.

Getting Rid of Moss on Your Roof

Moss is a plant that thrives in damp and low-light environments. When it starts to grow on a roof, it takes on the appearance of a thin green layer. It can grow on and between the roof shingles. As the moss continues to grow, it lifts the shingles resulting in the penetration of water into the lower layers of the roof. This in turn results in leaks and rot. Repairing a damaged roof can be very expensive. Fortunately, you can get rid of the moss growing on your roof. Here’s how to get rid of moss.

1. Brush off moss

The first step to getting rid of moss from your roof is to brush off the moss. Use a long handled-soft bristle scrubbing brush to scrub the roof shingles from top-down. This ensures you don’t lift the shingles. Scrub the moss off gently to avoid damaging the shingles.

2. Apply moss killer

Scrubbing off the moss from the roof only gets rid of the visible moss. Like mould and mildew, moss spreads through spores. It also develops an extensive root system that may not be visible to you. Moss killer solutions destroy spores and the moss root systems. The solutions help to prevent future moss growth.

3. Prevent future moss growth

It is important to prevent the future growth of moss. There are several ways to do this. One of the most common ways is to install strips of copper or zinc-coated sheet metal below the roof’s top ridges. Copper and zinc are toxic to mould.

Trim tree branches that hang over the roof. This will prevent debris from accumulating on the roof. It will also expose the roof to more sunlight and allow it to dry completely.

Invest in roof cleaning services regularly to keep your roof clean and free of debris and moss.

The Best Way to Remove Moss from a Roof

If you’re searching online for ‘the best way to clean moss off the roof get in touch with a professional roof moss removal service. As you can see from the above description, getting rid of moss requires you to get on the roof and remove moss physically. This can be risky especially if you are not experienced with using a ladder or working on a roof. There is also the risk of damaging your roof if you are inexperienced with cleaning roofs.

A professional moss removal service will have a team of trained and experienced professionals. Professionals work at height often. They understand the risks and will have the right equipment to ensure safety while the job is being done.

A professional team will also be careful to avoid damaging your roof during the cleaning process. You are less likely to have cracked or broken shingles when you have a professional team doing the cleaning for you. The team will work efficiently and safely to get you great results without damaging your roof.

If you want long term results, going with a professional team is the best way to kill moss on roof shingles. Experienced professional services will come equipped with their specialized cleaning solutions. These solutions will effectively kill moss, mould and mildew without damaging your roof. They will also guide you on the best way to prevent the growth of moss in the future.

Contact Reflection of Perfection for Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal

We at Reflection of Perfection provide professional roof cleaning and moss removal services. We will help you avoid expensive repairs and extend the life of your roof. Contact us today to learn more.

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