The city of Issaquah, WA has a rich history, full of culture and diversity. Once known as Squak, a Native American term for bird calls, the city got its current name in 1899. Railroads brought residents to the area, and today, Issaquah’s real estate is highly sought-after by families moving into the state. There are many things that people think of whenever they hear the city’s name.

  • Boehm’s Candies & Chocolates

Since 1956, Issaquah, WA has been home to the famous Boehm’s Candies & Chocolates. The shop was founded by Austrian candy maker, Julius Boehm. Up until his death, Boehm made sure that his creations were made with his tried and true recipes and methods. The confections created in the shop must still meet the high standards set forth by Boehm to date.

Boehm’s Candies & Chocolates offers both guided and self-guided tours of their facility. Visitors get to learn about the history of the shop, and no tour is complete without a taste of their finest chocolate. They even offer chocolate-making classes for those who are curious about how chocolate is made.

  • Salmon Hatchery

The Salmon Hatchery is one of the most visited fish hatcheries in the country. Thousands of visitors tour the hatchery every year hoping to learn about the lifecycle of salmon. The facility is open for tours all year long, but each season, visitors will get to see a different part of the fish life cycle.

Every October, the city holds a festival known as Salmon Days. The festival has been an annual event since 1970. It celebrates the return of salmon to their original birth waters. The hatchery is mostly visited during this time as this is when thousands of fish return to the city after their long, treacherous journey from the ocean.

  • Paragliding

With its close proximity to many different mountains, it’s no wonder that Issaquah, WA has become a popular destination for those who enjoy paragliding. This sport gives people the chance to fly like a bird. By wearing a wide canopy, gliders are able to soar through the sky.

Tiger Mountain is one of the most popular places for gliders to test the winds. There are many different paragliding companies in the city, so beginners can learn this high thrill sport from an expert. Paragliding attracts many adventure seekers each year.

  • XXX Root Beer Drive-In

Back in the 1930s and 40s, drive-in restaurants were becoming increasingly popular across the country. The XXX Root Beer Drive-In opened at its current location back in 1968. Since then, it’s been a family favorite for both the residents and tourists in the area.

The restaurant still serves up the famous original XXX Root Beer recipe, which can be ordered as a fountain beverage or an ice cream float. Their menu is full of favorites from the 1950s, including burgers, hot dogs, onion rings and fries. It’s a landmark that anyone passing through the city should visit.

The history of Issaquah, WA is very diverse. From celebrating a Native American past, to enjoying food from an all-American drive-in, the city has become known for many great things. Visitors should check out the many historical and interesting sites that the city has to offer.  More Here

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