Removing Hard Water Stains from House Windows

Water Stains on Windows | Reflection of PerfectionA bright and inviting space is important for your mood and productivity. Letting natural light into your space is key to creating a mood-enhancing environment. However, no matter how large your windows are, they won’t let enough light into your space when they are covered in dirt. Hard water stains can be damaging to your windows. They can also hinder the entry of natural light into your space. We at Reflections of Perfection have helped both residential and commercial property owners remove water spots on glass caused by hard water. Below we discuss how hard water stains affect windows and what you can do about them.

How Do Hard Water Stains Occur?

Does the glass in your windows have a cloudy or chalky covering? Hard water stains are those white spots that form on your window and get worse over time. They are formed as a result of mineral deposits. Snow or rain may leave deposits of minerals on the glass. As the water dries up these mineral deposits are left behind and form visible white spots. Hard water stains may also occur when you wash your windows with tap water. The water in many residential areas is classified as hard water as it contains minerals. When this water is used on glass panels it will leave hard water stains behind when it dries up. Your sprinklers may also spray water on your windows and cause hard water stains.

The Problem with Hard Water Stains

You may be wondering whether you should be concerned about hard water stains. The short answer is yes. Hard water stains can prove problematic especially if you don’t invest in regular window cleaning. If you fail to clean your windows and get rid of the stains, they will only get worse with time. As more minerals are deposited on your windows, the stains will cover more of the surface of the glass. You will end up with windows that hardly let any light in.

The minerals deposited on the glass pane undergo a chemical reaction due to their interaction with the glass and exposure to the sun. The minerals become stuck to the glass. The longer the minerals are allowed to sit on the glass, the harder it will be to get them off. The glass will become damaged as a result.

How to remove hard water stains from windows

There are several DIY methods that you can use to remove hard water stains windows develop over time. These include using vinegar solutions, lemon solutions and baking soda dissolved in water to wipe down the windows. However, these DIY methods all come with drawbacks. For example, baking soda can be very abrasive. It can cause damage to the glass panes on your windows. You will end up causing more damage than the hard water stains and will have to replace the glass. Exterior window cleaning can also be dangerous. It often involves climbing to reach the windows along with your equipment. This will put you at risk of having an accident.

The best way to remove hard water stains windows develop over time is by investing in professional cleaning services. Hiring a professional cleaning company is the safest way to remove water spots on the glass. The professionals at Reflections of Perfection use specially formulated cleaning solutions to dissolve the mineral deposits on the glass. These solutions are effective at removing mineral deposits without damaging the glass. They will effectively remove hard water stains and result in clear windows.

There are instances when even these specially formulated cleaning solutions are not effective against hard water stains. This is when the stains are etched into the layers of the glass. All hope is not lost. In this case, professional window cleaners will use specialized equipment to remove the stains. This includes the use of a glass grinder that will only remove the layers of glass that have been compromised by the hard water stains. This will give your windows a polished look and will also restore their translucency.

Removing hard water stains from exterior windows is one of our specialties at Reflections of Perfection. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help.

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