Moss Removal Service – How to Keep Your House Cleaner than Ever Before

Moss removal

Moss Removal Service – How to Keep Your House Cleaner than Ever Before

That layer of green moss on your roof can be nostalgic for fairy tales and cozy ancient cottages. However, it can also spell doom for your roof and the structure of your home. While green moss may seem harmless and even aesthetically pleasing, it can cause your roofing material to degrade. If it grows between the shingles on your roof, it will result in water penetrating your roof resulting in leaks and rot. Moss can drastically shorten the lifespan of your roof. But all is not lost. Below we discuss the best way to remove moss from a roof. Read on to find out how you can best protect your roof.

The Best Way to Clean Moss Off a Roof

  1. Get rid of loose moss  

It is important to start by cleaning the loose moss from your roof. You can do this by either brushing or hosing it off your roof. This can be a risky affair as it requires you to climb up onto the roof. Not only is it dangerous to climb up to that height but the shingles on the roof can be slippery. This presents even greater risks of falling.

It is important to avoid using water at high pressure as this can penetrate the shingles and cause water damage to your roof. Use water at low pressure to get rid of any loose moss. If brushing the moss off, use a soft-bristle brush. Avoid scraping or scouring the roof as this can cause damage to the shingles. you should only brush off loose moss.

It is best to leave this job to a professional roof moss removal service. Professionals come fully equipped for the job. They will have the equipment required to ensure that the moss is removed safely from your roof. Professionals are experienced and trained to work at heights. They will know what to do to avoid accidents. They will not only ensure the job is done well but also protect your health and safety.


  1. Apply a treatment to kill the moss

Getting rid of moss will require much more than a simple scrub. The best way to kill moss on a roof is through the application of a treatment solution. There is a wide range of commercial solutions available on the market. You can also make a homemade solution to kill the moss.

It is important to remember to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. The best time to apply the solution is on an overcast day. This is because you will want the solution to sit on the roof for a while and kill the moss. If you apply it on a sunny day, it will evaporate too quickly.

Keep in mind that many commercial solutions as well as DIY treatments can also kill or damage plants on the ground in the surrounding areas. They can also damage siding, decks, and pathways by causing them to become discolored. You should therefore protect plants and surfaces by covering them with plastic sheets before you begin the job.

Hiring a roof moss removal service is in fact the best way to kill moss on your roof. These professionals use specially formulated treatment solutions that are highly effective for killing moss. They will also take precautions by preparing surfaces around your home and protecting them from damage.

  1. Prevent future growth of moss

While the method outlined above is the best way to remove moss from a roof, there’s a good chance that you will have a similar problem in the future. Moss spores are ever present in the air. You should therefore take precautions to prevent an infestation in the future. Some steps you can take to prevent future growth of moss include pruning limbs of trees that hang over the roof and exposing your roof to sunlight. You can also install zinc or copper-coated metal sheets below the top ridges of your roof. These metals are toxic to moss and will prevent future infestations.

If your roof is infested with moss and you’re searching for the best way to clean moss off your roof, contact Reflection of Perfection. We’d be happy to help restore your roof and help you protect it from damage.



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