Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing in Teanaway WA

Cleaning windows and home exteriors is a tricky job that should be left to the pros.

The exterior of your home is exposed to the elements around the clock. Over time, dirt, mildew, and even mould may build up on your surfaces. When that happens, it’s time to call Reflection of Perfection to save the day. If you live in Teanaway and need the best window cleaning services near you, look no further. With our expert team and attention to detail, your windows will sparkle like new.

Pressure Washing Service

Want your home to look as good as it did when you first bought it? Here at Reflection of Perfection, we can make that happen with our highly-rated pressure washing services. By using highly pressurized water, we can rinse away dirt and grime from your home’s exterior. There’s no need for dangerous chemicals! Best of all, the results are instantaneous and long-lasting. You’ll have the cleanest house on the block.

Roof Cleaning

The roof of a home is exposed to the elements day in and day out. Professional roof cleaning will help protect your roof from damage caused by the sun, wind and rain. This task requires a lot of skill and should never be attempted by an amateur.

We only use soft washing to treat roofs. It is a method of cleaning that doubles as a moss treatment. Unlike other companies, who have to retreat roofs annually, our soft washing techniques leave roofs moss free for up to 3-5 years.

We have the know-how to quickly and thoroughly clean your roof. When we are done, the shingles will be free of dirt, mould and other types of debris. Cleaning the shingles will prolong the life of your roof by reducing the signs of wear and tear.

Moss Treatment

Moss is notorious for growing on the exterior walls of buildings, on roofs, and even on concrete sidewalks. It grows quickly and relentlessly. If not cleaned correctly, it will return with a vengeance. We can remove any moss from these surfaces, and we will treat each surface, so the moss doesn’t return for years to come.

Christmas Light Installation

Do you wish you had enough time to decorate for the holidays? With Reflection of Perfection on your side, you can have the most festive home on the block. We offer Christmas lights installation to our customers. From creating a design to hanging up the lights, we do it all. After the season is over, we’ll even dismantle everything for you. When compared to other holiday lighting companies, we have the best prices and service in the area. Give us a try this holiday season.

From residential window cleaning services to installing outdoor Christmas lights, we do it all here at Reflection of Perfection. With many years serving the community, we go above and beyond for all of our customers. We never take any shortcuts, and our work is always guaranteed. It’s our mission to creating a lasting relationship with every customer. We proudly serve Teanaway and the surrounding areas. Give us a call to schedule service with our talented crew today.

House Cleaning Service

Exterior house cleaning takes a lot of skill, the right tools, and tons of elbow grease. Instead of tackling this strenuous task on your own, let Reflection of Perfection do it for you. We use a soft washing system to gently clean away mould and staining from your most delicate services. It’s the perfect cleaning system for vinyl siding, fencing, and stucco. It can even extend the lifespan of your roof! Experience the difference a clean house makes.

Window Cleaning Service

Have you ever wondered how to clean outside windows you can’t reach? Without the right equipment, it’s nearly impossible to get streak-free results. Reflection of Perfection is the leader in window cleaning. Unlike other companies, we clean every inch of glass, including both the outside and the inside! From large bay windows to second-story stained glass, we can reach it all.

Gutter Cleaning Service

Are your gutters draining slower than usual? If so, then it’s time to find the best gutter cleaning companies near you. If ignored, clogged gutters may lead to rotting fascia, shingle damage, or even foundation flooding. A Reflection of Perfection, we use tried and tested techniques to clear your gutters and downspouts of unwanted debris. When we leave, your gutters will flow with ease.

The Small Settlement of Teanaway

Teanaway is a tiny settlement in Washington that few people have ever heard of. While some people live in the area, the population remains unknown. It’s located just outside Cle Elum and Ellensburg. However, the homes in the neighbourhood have a Cle Elum zip code.

When it was originally founded, Teanaway was inhabited by several Native American tribes. Because of the temperate, moderate climate, this flat land made a perfect gathering place for food during the summer months. Temperatures throughout the year remain comfortable. They rarely fall below freezing in the winter, and summer highs usually reach the upper 70s and low 80s. Members of the Yakama, Cayous, and Nex Perce tribes once called this land their home, and some of the tribes’ ancestors still inhabit the land to this day.

Teanaway is home to many species of wild wolves. Although rare in the state of Washington, this town has a confirmed wolf population. Most wolves keep to themselves, but it’s best to take caution whenever venturing into the wooded areas by yourself. Male wolves can weigh as much as 100 pounds, and they are known to carry disease. Always keep an eye on your surroundings when camping in the area.

Today, Teanaway is part of Kittitas County. It’s located at route 10 and route 970 junction. Since the vast majority of the area remains untouched, those looking to move here can buy vacant lots and build their dream home. You can purchase ten or more acres of land for about $85,000. If you want to purchase an existing home, you may find it more challenging to move into the area. Homes that are for sale cost anywhere from $400,000 to $900,000. Most homes are custom-built, and competition to buy is high. It’s definitely a seller’s market in the area. If you like peace, then Teanaway may be the ideal place to move.

With so many different services available in Issaquah and nearby areas including North Bend, Sammamish and Snoqualmie, our team at Reflection of Perfection can help keep the exterior of your home or office looking its best. Call us today for a quote.

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