The Best Window Cleaners in South Cle Elum WA

Cleaning windows and home exteriors is a tricky job that should be left to the pros.

Do you want to instantly boost the property value and curb appeal of your home? If you do, it’s time to hire the best window cleaning services near you. A Reflection of Perfection, we know that clean windows not only give you a clear view of the outside world but also make others take note of your home.

As the leading exterior house cleaning company, we take pride in making homes look new. If you’re in South Cle Elum or a nearby town, we’re ready to serve you.

Pressure Washing Service

Staining detracts from the natural beauty of your home. If you want to rinse away years of staining, Reflection of Perfection is the company for you. We have a reputation for providing our customers with the most dependable pressure washing services in the area.

Pressure washing is a highly effective way to clean hard surfaces without additional chemicals. Instead, we use a lot of pressure and plenty of water to rinse away years of grime. Furthermore, the results last for several years.

Roof Cleaning

The roof of a home is exposed to the elements day in and day out. Professional roof cleaning will help protect your roof from damage caused by the sun, wind and rain. This task requires a lot of skill and should never be attempted by an amateur.

We only use soft washing to treat roofs. It is a method of cleaning that doubles as a moss treatment. Unlike other companies, who have to retreat roofs annually, our soft washing techniques leave roofs moss free for up to 3-5 years.

We have the know-how to quickly and thoroughly clean your roof. When we are done, the shingles will be free of dirt, mould and other types of debris. Cleaning the shingles will prolong the life of your roof by reducing the signs of wear and tear.

Moss Treatment

Moss is notorious for growing on the exterior walls of buildings, on roofs, and even on concrete sidewalks. It grows quickly and relentlessly. If not cleaned correctly, it will return with a vengeance. We can remove any moss from these surfaces, and we will treat each surface, so the moss doesn’t return for years to come.

Christmas Lights Installation

Are you too busy to hang outdoor Christmas lights? Don’t leave your home undecorated this year. The team at Reflection of Perfection wants to help you with your Christmas lights installation. Whether you want a simple display or something elaborate, we’ll make sure you have the most festive house in town.

While there are other holiday lighting companies, none of them compares to Reflection of Perfection. We do all of the work for you! Let us install your lights before the season begins.

Remember, when it comes to residential window cleaning services, Reflection of Perfection is the best company in South Cle Elum and the surrounding areas. From cleaning exterior surfaces to creating holiday light displays, you can count on us for all of your exterior home needs. Call us today to get started.

House Cleaning Service

Are you tired of your home looking old and dingy? While you can’t stop dirt from collecting on your exterior surface, you can wash it away. A Reflection of Perfection, we use our state-of-the-art soft washing system to clean all delicate surfaces gently.

Instead of using harsh chemicals, we rely on a biodegradable solution that kills germs, eliminates mould, and leaves your home looking its best. Our soft washing is appropriate for a variety of surfaces. It’s gentle enough for vinyl and roofing yet tough enough for brick. The results will leave you speechless.

Window Cleaning Service

Are you tired of trying to figure out how to clean outside windows you can’t reach? Instead of climbing tall ladders, you should leave this challenging job to Reflection of Perfection. There’s no window we can’t reach!

Our window cleaning service will make your glass look like it did years ago. We will remove any dirt, grime, or smudges without leaving behind any scratches or etching. Plus, we’ll even clean the inside of your windows for better results.

Gutter Cleaning Service

Clogged gutters are useless gutters. When it rains, you need gutters that will redirect water away from your home. But if leaves or debris get stuck inside, you may end up with perimeter flooding. This may even lead to water damage to your home.

The best gutters cleaning companies near you will remove any debris that may be clogging your system. A Reflection of Perfection, we won’t leave until your gutters are working properly again. Additionally, we’ll also clean your downspouts at the same time.

The Quaint Town of South Cle Elum

As one of the smallest towns in Kittitas County, South Cle Elum offers residents a welcoming place to call home. The current population is only around 560, which is a significant jump from the previous decade. More people continue to move into the area, so it wouldn’t be surprising to watch the population continue to rise for the next few years.

Many people choose to live in South Cle Elum because it’s very affordable. The average house costs only about $199,000, much lower than the $300,000 state median. However, those who do live in the area tend to make a little bit less each year. Annual household incomes are about $56,000, while the rest of Washington averages around $67,000. This is not surprising, however. The majority of residents have only a high school diploma or associate’s degree. About two-thirds of the residents are homeowners. Those who rent pay their landlord about $1,300 per month.

Even though the entire town is only 0.4 square miles, there is still plenty to do. Residents often frequent the many locally-owned shops. There are also a few great places to grab a bite. Most people feel safe walking around the area alone. Some even leave their front doors unlocked without worry. The low crime rate is one reason why so many people choose to raise children in this charming community.

If you’re looking to pass the time in South Cle Elum, there are a few places to visit. The city restored the Milwaukee Road depot and transformed it into a railroad museum. Inside, you can view many railroad artifacts, including a telegrapher’s desk and beanery. If you would rather head outdoors, be sure to check out Iron Horse State Park. The park is located near the depot and offers plenty of trails for hikers, runners, and horseback riders. With beautiful weather almost all year long, the park is always an ideal place to visit.

With so many different services available in Issaquah and nearby areas including North Bend, Sammamish and Snoqualmie, our team at Reflection of Perfection can help keep the exterior of your home or office looking its best. Call us today for a quote.

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