Reflection of Perfection is a local Issaquah window cleaning company that does so much more than deliver a window cleaning service.

We are cleaning specialists and have a range of cleaning services in addition to residential and commercial window cleaning.

We offer window cleaning, power washing, gutter cleaning, exterior cleaning and interior cleaning. If you need something cleaned, give us a call.

No job is too big or small, and you are guaranteed a great service every time. Our professional team take customer care seriously and are always mindful we are working in and around someone’s home or place of work.

Window Washing

You can’t beat the perfect shine of a clean window. It’s not so easy to achieve though, and if you’re busy or unable to reach your windows easily, then it’s probably eluding you. Get the professionals in and we can bring your windows back to their perfectly clean best.

We can clean hard to reach windows, and always clean both the inside and outside. You will always get a courteous and high quality service from us. No smears, no smudges, just a perfect shine.

Exterior Cleaning

If you need pressure washing in Issaquah, Reflection of Perfection are the local, family run company who can deliver that service to you.
We use our professional grade power washers for roof cleaning, gutter washing, and pavement cleaning. Any exterior cleaning you need power washed, we can do it.

The local community take great pride in the exterior of their properties and our Issaquah home maintenance service can help you keep the exterior of your property clean and keep you on top of your home maintenance jobs.

Interior Cleaning

Interior spaces have their own difficult to reach areas. We offer ceiling fan and chandelier cleaning to our customers to help them safely clean items that are too high to reach.

As professionals, we have the correct equipment to clean items at height. It’s safer and easier for us, and we’re able to do a thorough job.

We use the correct cleaning materials for the job – so your mirror, glass chandelier and ceiling fans are cleaned properly, using the appropriate substances.

Other Services

We help many property owners with their holiday lighting in Issaquah. Every year people risk injury climbing ladders to put up their holiday lights. We say, let us help you out, it’s quicker, safer and we’d be happy to make it a new holiday tradition.

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