Is Pressure Washing Effective?

Pressure Washing

First impressions count and this is true for your home too. The state of the exterior of your house reflects heavily on you and your family. A dirty and rundown house will result in your neighbours and passers-by having a poor opinion of you and your household. Whether it’s right or wrong, many people take the state of the exterior of your home as a reflection of what to expect in the interior. Even if your landscaping is perfect, dirty external surfaces and a muggy driveway will be enough to give people an excuse to avoid you and your home. This is where pressure washing comes in. We at Reflection of Perfection provide home pressure washing services with the help of a commercial pressure washer. Below we discuss why this is an effective option for cleaning the exterior of your home.

What does pressure washing involve?

As the name suggests, home pressure washing involves cleaning surfaces with a high propulsion jet of water. A commercial pressure washer is used to create pressure. These washers have different pressure settings. The pressure or speed of the water can be set to suit the task at hand. For example, if you’re cleaning a concrete driveway that is embedded in the dirt, you may set the pressure higher to loosen the dirt and get rid of stubborn stains. However, if you’re cleaning vinyl siding and want to get rid of mould and other environmental contaminants, you would need to set the pressure low. This will help you avoid damaging the vinyl siding. It will also prevent water from penetrating the siding through any cracks and crevices that are already present.

Power washing can therefore be done at low pressure or at high pressure depending on the surfaces being cleaned. We recommend hiring a professional pressure washing contractor. Experienced contractors understand the nature of various outdoor surfaces. They will be better able to determine the best pressure setting to clean any particular surface.

It is also important to note that there is much more to washing external surfaces than simply blasting the dirt away. Our team of professionals also offers a wide variety of techniques to get rid of dirt, contaminants and stains on external surfaces. With the application of our techniques, you can ensure different surfaces get the care and attention they need for the best results.

Power washing for different surfaces

Professional power washing provides you with a great deal of flexibility when it comes to cleaning exterior surfaces. Because of the different pressure settings available on commercial washers, you can clean both hard surfaces such as stone and concrete as well as delicate surfaces such as vinyl siding or roof tiles. This type of washing can be used to clean siding, driveways, roofs, decks and much more.

Our team employs a variety of specialized techniques to ensure even better results during the washing. We use specialized cleaning solutions that are designed to loosen dirt and get rid of stubborn stains without damaging surfaces. Our cleaning solutions are also effective at killing organic contaminants such as mould, algae and lichens. The cleaning solutions also help to prevent the growth of these contaminants ensuring that you can enjoy clean and stain-free surfaces for longer.

Our professional team has experience cleaning different types of surfaces. You can rely on our skills and experience to help you achieve the best results no matter what type of surface you are cleaning. Our team can help you get rid of virtually any type of stain or dirt on any type of external surface. We’ll restore your surfaces and leave them looking clean and new. Our cleaning services could be exactly what you need to freshen up the exterior of your property and increase its curb appeal.

Professional cleaning services

Get in touch with us, Reflection of Perfection, for cleaning all your exterior surfaces. We will help make your property more attractive so you and your family can be proud of it. We also offer a wide range of property cleaning and maintenance services including window cleaning, roof cleaning and gutter cleaning. Contact us and get all your exterior cleaning needs for your property met under one roof.

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