How to Clean Vinyl Siding without Scrubbing

Could the vinyl siding on your property do with a little love? Many people believe that the only way to clean this type of siding is by scrubbing it. However, this can result in damage to the surface of your siding. There are in fact various ways you can clean your home without scrubbing and damaging the external surfaces. Below, we discuss different ways you can clean your property without scrubbing from making the best homemade vinyl siding cleaner to tricks that professionals use for cleaning. Read on to find out how to restore the gleam to your home.
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Hard Water Stains on Windows: Causes and Removal Techniques

Water quality varies from place to place. However, many areas in the country have hard water due to the high mineral content. Hard water is filtered and treated before it can be used for drinking and other household activities. However, this process will not provide complete protection for your windows. Hard water spots and stains can occur as a result of mineral build up when water evaporates from the windows. When these are left untreated, they can cause permanent damage to your windows. If you’re searching the internet for information on ‘water spots on windows won’t come off’ and are wondering how to get rid of hard water stains, read on. We discuss methods for removing water spots from windows.
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Roof and Gutter Cleaning

Roof and Gutter Cleaning in Washington

Is roof and gutter cleaning part of your home maintenance? If you’re like many homeowners in Washington, you probably don’t acknowledge your roof or gutters until they are clogged with debris or damaged. If you allow debris to accumulate on your roof and in gutters the damage to your home can result in expensive repairs such as water damage to your home’s frame, insulation, wiring and foundation. It can also cause black mold infestation. Below, we take a deeper look at why investing in regular gutter and roof cleaning is important.
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Is Roof Cleaning Necessary? Everything You Didn’t Know About Scrubbing Your Roof

How about cleaning your roof? Your home’s roof is a vital part of the structure of your home. Your roof shields you from the elements. However, because it remains exposed day in and day out, your roof will accumulate dirt, moss, algae and other debris over time. This will not only diminish its aesthetic appeal as well as that of your home but can also lead to structural issues. Roof washing is an effective way to clean and maintain your roof. Below, we explore the pros and cons of roof cleaning and help you determine how to keep your roof in its best condition.
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Roof Cleaning

What is No Pressure (Softwash) Roof Cleaning?

Could your roof do with a good wash? Washing your roof is an important part of maintenance. A good wash will get rid of debris, mold and mildew that has accumulated on your roof. It can help you avoid expensive repairs and improve the curb appeal of your property. However, you can only benefit from washing your roof if it is done right. Soft-wash roof cleaning is an effective and smart way to clean dirty roofs and increase their lifespan. Below, we take a closer look at soft washing for roofs.
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Roof - Reflection Of Perfection

How to Clean Gutters: The 4 best Ways to Get the Job Done

Are your gutters clean? Gutters play an important role in the safety of our homes. These fixtures collect rainwater that falls on the roof and divert it through downspouts away from the foundation of the home. When gutters are damaged or dirty, the water falls near the foundation of the home. It can not only seep into the foundation of the home and seep in through the windows but also cause damage to the foundation by increasing the force and weight of the soil against the foundation. This causes the foundation to bow and crack. If the situation is not remedied, structural damage that affects the entire home may occur. This can be expensive to repair. It would be much more affordable to invest in gutter cleaning.
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Clean Gutters

Can I Clean Gutters with A Pressure Washer?

Roof and gutter cleaning is essential for the maintenance of your property. Regular cleaning of your gutters will help to ensure that they remain free of debris and can efficiently collect and direct water away from the foundation of your home. If your gutters become clogged with debris, water will overflow and collect at your home’s foundation. This will cause damage to the foundation of your home and the rest of your home. It can result in flooding of your home and damage your property. Now that you understand the importance of cleaning your gutters, you may be wondering if you can clean gutters with a pressure washer. In this blog, we will provide answers to the question ‘can I pressure wash my gutters’ and also provide guidance on the right way to clean gutters.
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Gutter cleaning services

Why It’s Important to Clean Your Gutters in the Fall

Is your property in need of gutter cleaning services? If your gutters are leaking or overflowing, there is a good chance that they need to be cleaned. If you’re like many homeowners, cleaning your gutters is the last thing on your mind. However, cleaning your gutters is actually an investment in your property. Gutters play an important role in protecting your property from damage. Leaving these parts of your home unattended can result in damage that can be very expensive to repair. We at Reflection of Perfection offer gutter and roof cleaning services that will help protect your property and save you time and money.
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5 Tips to Remove Moss from a Roof

5 Tips To Remove Moss From a Roof

Furry, cozy, and lush, those green patches of moss on your rooftop may make your home look charming and rustic, but they are actually bad news for your roof. Green moss on a roof can be the stuff nightmares are made of if not dealt with in a timely manner. If left untreated, those green furry clumps of moss will cause your roof to degrade. This is not only true for roofs with asphalt or wood shingles but also for those made from concrete, clay, or metal. Moss will drastically shorten the lifespan of your roof. At Reflection of Perfection, we’ve helped many property owners do away with moss and secure the integrity of their roofs. We will discuss the best way to remove moss from a roof.
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Removing Hard Water Stains from House Windows

Water Stains on Windows | Reflection of PerfectionA bright and inviting space is important for your mood and productivity. Letting natural light into your space is key to creating a mood-enhancing environment. However, no matter how large your windows are, they won’t let enough light into your space when they are covered in dirt. Hard water stains can be damaging to your windows. They can also hinder the entry of natural light into your space. We at Reflections of Perfection have helped both residential and commercial property owners remove water spots on glass caused by hard water. Below we discuss how hard water stains affect windows and what you can do about them.

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