The Benefits of Professional Commercial Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

Christmas lights displays are a great way to spread good cheer and draw in more foot traffic during the holiday season. With so many choices for Christmas lights in the market, you may be wondering which lights will work best for you. In reality, you really only need to make one decision: whether to go with commercial Christmas lights or retail grade lights. We, Reflection of Perfection, offer the highest quality in commercial-grade LED lights to ensure that our customers get the best results and are able to enjoy their lights displays for longer. Get in touch with us to learn more and get started on working towards your vision for the holiday season now.

Why you should go for commercial Christmas lights

We offer a wide range of options for commercial Christmas light displays to meet our customers’ needs and preferences. If you’re wondering whether commercial grade lights are right for your display, consider the following benefits of using these lights.

  1.       They’re durable

Commercial-grade lights are designed with durability in mind. These lights can last up to 75,000 hours. This is far longer than the retail-grade lights. They feature a one-piece design where the bulb and the socket are one piece. This ensures that the bulbs are permanently secured in their sockets. This creates a watertight seal that protects the electrical components inside from moisture. It also prevents debris from penetrating the lights. They are therefore perfect for use outdoors regardless of the weather conditions.

These lights are designed with quality in mind too. Their construction features higher grade components. For example, the light bulbs are made from strong materials such as polycarbonate which makes the bulbs virtually unbreakable. This ensures that they can endure exposure to the elements and continue to provide great lighting for longer. You can enjoy your lights for up to 8 seasons with little to no maintenance.

  1.       They offer better visual quality

As mentioned earlier, these lights feature high-quality components. This not only ensures durability but also better visual quality. The quality of diodes used in the bulbs is superior to retail grade lights. This provides for sharper and brighter lighting for your displays.

These lights are also full-wave rectified. This ensures they can cycle twice as fast as lights that are half-wave rectified. This has a great impact on visual quality as it eliminates the flickering that is experienced with retail grade lights. You won’t experience headaches because of the display’s cycling on and off.

Pro-grade lights are also designed to provide consistency. While retail grade lights vary in colour by up to 40%, commercial lights will vary ever so slightly (less than 3%).

  1.       They’re cheaper to run

Worried about your electric bill blowing up during the holiday season because of your lights display? You shouldn’t be worried if you opt for commercial LED Christmas lights. LED lights are designed to use less energy while providing brighter lights. In fact, our LED lights have been shown to use up to 80% less electricity than traditional retail lights. You can achieve the display of your dreams without worrying about the cost of running them.

If you’re a green business that is concerned about your impact on the environment, our LED lights are the perfect solution for your property. We’ll help you show your clients just how committed you are to reducing the overall impact of your business on the environment.

  1.       They’re a safer option

Commercial outdoor Christmas lights are designed with safety in mind. Their one-piece design prevents penetration of moisture or debris to electrical components. The wires and spools are also tested and certified for wet use. This reduces the chances of electrocution in bad weather.

The lights feature LED bulbs. These do not have a filament and run cooler than incandescent lights. This helps to prevent fires or damage to the surfaces that these bulbs are placed on, making them a safer option to use for your Christmas display.

  1.       They can be customized to meet your needs

Many of the lighting projects we encounter present unique obstacles. These can be anything from unique measurements to space configurations. It can be difficult to find lights that can fit into these spaces precisely. However, commercial lights offer the opportunity for greater customization. Wires can be cut or connected to meet the specific requirements of the space. Zip plugs can be installed as needed.

Professional Christmas lights installation

Are you looking for commercial light installation services in Sammamish, Issaquah, Snoqualmie, Suncadia, North Bend, Bellevue or Cle Elum? Get in touch with Reflection of Perfection. We are committed to providing our customers with the best results. We’ll help you bring your vision to life. Get in touch with us now for a free design consultation and quote.

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