Whether you’re a longtime resident or just visiting Klahanie, you’ll find this family-friendly neighborhood has plenty of things to keep everyone busy. It’s become a popular destination for those moving to the area because of its renowned schools and safe atmosphere. Even though it feels like a small town, there’s never a dull moment both in and around the neighborhood. From nature walks to educational museums, there’s never a dull moment in this growing area.


  1. Take a Stroll Around Klahanie Park

With over 64 acres of land, Klahanie Park is a favorite spot for families. Inside the park, you’ll find several different sports fields, including a baseball field, soccer field, lacrosse and cricket field. If you’re looking to burn a few calories, then spend some time on one of the picturesque walking trails. Families with small kids can let their little ones get rid of excess energy on the playground. The park is always free and open to the public.


  1. Grab a Book from Issaquah Library

Reading is one of the best ways to escape the hustle and bustle of the real world. No matter what genre you prefer, you’ll find a vast assortment of books at the Issaquah Library. The library hosts several events each month, including book readings for toddlers and book clubs for teens. As always, it’s free for residents to check out books with a valid library card.


  1. History Lesson at the Issaquah Depot Museum

The Issaquah Depot was built in 1889 as a train station. Today, it serves as a historical museum. Learn all about transportation during the industrial revolution at this permanent exhibit. You’ll also learn how people once communicated with the telegraph. While you’re at the museum, don’t forget to take a ride on the Issaquah Valley Trolley. Feel what it was like to travel on a vintage trolley during this 20-minute excursion. The museum is appropriate for people of all ages.


  1. See Ferocious Beasts at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

 If you love big cats, then the Cougar Mountain Zoo near Klahanie is the perfect stop for you. This zoo features a vast assortment of big cats, including cougars and tigers. You’ll also see other rare creatures, such as reindeers, macaws and lemurs. Be sure to check out the Magic Forest and feed a few of these exotic animals. The various exhibits at the zoo have won countless awards.


  1. Catch a Performance at the Village Theatre

 The Village Theatre is a popular performing arts destination for the residents of Klahanie. Each season features a unique selection of plays and musical performances. You’ll be able to watch some of the best actors in town on stage. Children are also encouraged to sign up for Kid-stage, which offers both camp and seasonal acting classes for kids who want to engage in acting for fun or as a career.


The areas surrounding Klahanie are full of great things to keep you busy. There is always something interesting happening in the area. You can catch up on outdoor nature walks or learn about history in a renovated museum. Make a list of the events and places in the neighborhood that you can’t wait to enjoy with your family. Homepage

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