It’s clear. You’re looking at the right professional for window cleaning!

Your clear choice for a “quality-to-nothing” sort of cleaning perfection!

High Pressure Cleaning Glass Roof

Power Washing

What is power washing? It is when we use our environmentally-friendly machine to clean your surfaces. The machine uses a high pressure stream of water, so the clean you get will be amazing!

a window washer soaps up a window for window washing

Window Washing

At Reflection of Perfection, our business name is enough to describe what reflects us: Perfection. Whether your situation is residential or commercial, let us take care of your window cleaning.

Rain gutter full of autumn leaves with a baseball

Gutter Cleaning

As many homeowners know, climbing and re-positioning a ladder multiple times just to clean the gutter can be downright dangerous! Always trust a professional who has years of experience, and that is us! Call us today.

Our services don’t stop at windows and roofs cleaning. We can clean even more surfaces to make your place feeling like new!

We’ve cleaned chandeliers, grime on the roof, patios, mirrors, ceiling fans, and driveways. All our power-washing equipment are environmentally-friendly. When it is time to give your home a cleaning, or anything that requires someone to get on the roof such as moss and bird control or holiday lightning, give us a call! We will be happy to remove streaks, dirt and grimes from your roof, windows and sidewalk. Give us a call at (425) 922-3939!